Farm Renovator you will have to renovate, expand and cultivate your own American farm. Be ready to roll up your sleeves and embark on an unparalleled adventure, the key elements of which will be: freedom of choice, variety of tasks, creativity with which you approach the task, as well as how you will cope with difficult situations. 


Breathe new life into a once abandoned farm. Get rid of weeds, garbage, repair the walls of objects, as well as paint and decorate them at your discretion. Discover new machines, repair them and they will become your invaluable helpers on the farm. Repair equipment, buy everything that cannot be repaired, harvest your first crop, and you will have funds for further expansion, upgrades and improvements. 


Find everything that was abandoned on the farm: cars, tractors, combines, trailers and anything else. Clean them thoroughly, check what doesn't work and repair them. Use them to significantly speed up work on your farm. 


Use smart management and strategic investment skills to grow and serve more customers. You can expand the range of products you offer. Freshen up a pond, a garden, a cowshed, or maybe an apiary? You have a huge number of options. 


Renovating your farm is one thing, but giving it your own style and vision is another. You'll have many options for customizing the look and feel of your environment. From already existing elements to a large number of decorations that will allow you to give everything a unique character. You can buy jewelry and other things you need to find during the game. 


Once your farm is alive and ready for production, customer service will be the key to your success. Manage your time wisely, prioritize tasks and keep a close eye on product quality and freshness to generate more profit and drive your continued expansion! 


We created the game so that you can manage all aspects of your farm. This means everything from necessary repairs or renovations, to farm expansion, to managing everything. However, if farming isn't for you, we won't force you to do it. However, remember that controlling crops, livestock, supplies or workers can be very profitable and fun. 


  • Restoration, management and expansion of an old abandoned farm. 

  • There are many different objects and machines that need to be repaired and expanded. 

  • A huge number of repair and decoration options. 

  • Ability to use various tools. 

  • Random events diversify the usual gameplay. 

  • Ability to manage crops and livestock. 

  • Supply management to meet customer expectations. 

  • Ability to flexibly choose a strategy aimed at success. 

  • Flexible choice of strategy aimed at success. 

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