Welcome to the Ship Graveyard Mobile, where the salty breeze whispers the forgotten stories of dead ships and the clang of metal echoes from the waves of the sea! In this exciting simulation game, you take on the role of a salvage yard owner tasked with the monumental challenge of dismantling ships of various sizes and types. Develop a strategy for your operations, order ships to your yard and carefully dismantle them to obtain valuable materials. 

As you progress, you will gain access to a variety of ships, ranging from small ships to colossal ocean liners. Each ship presents its own set of complex layouts and blocked passages. Invest in modern equipment and expand your capacity to simplify the disposal process. 

Key features:  

- Create and control your own ship. 

- Dismantle ships of different sizes and complexity. 

- Unlock a wide range of vessels, from small boats to massive cargo ships. 

- Upgrade your equipment and tools to increase efficiency. 

Immerse yourself in the world of Ship Graveyard and create your legacy among the wreckage of the seas!