Get ready to immerse yourself in the unique story of the crew of a nuclear submarine. The government sends its best-armed and tactically trained submarine team to confront enemy units in the far depths of the cold northern waters. The government has entrusted you with an advanced submarine and an elite crew, armed to the teeth and ready to face any threat. But victory will not be easy. You need someone with tactical acumen and unparalleled leadership skills to fight naval battles. Maintain the high morale of the sailors, manage the stocks of weapons and food, as well as constantly monitor the technical condition of the ship, especially its nuclear reactor. Are you sure you can handle it

Manage essential resources such as oxygen levels in compartments and the proper functioning of the nuclear reactor. Monitor the availability of electrical power and verify the proper functioning of navigation and mechanical systems. The better you maintain the ship, the happier the sailors will be and they will perform their tasks more efficiently. But also do not forget about the realistically depicted hierarchy on board, which directly contributes to maintaining order among the crew

When going into deep waters with a nuclear submarine, you must keep in mind the control of its engine. A nuclear reactor needs constant attention and checking of its technical condition. With each breakdown that poses a serious threat to your mission, you'll need nerves of steel to cut away the damaged or flooded sections and restore the submarine's smooth operation

Explore open oceans looking for enemy units. Complete tasks assigned by your superiors and assign tasks to your subordinates. Engage in dizzying battles against enemy forces and increase the morale of your team. A wide selection of Cold War missiles will allow you to win every battle from many planned scenarios, and with a complex damage system that adds unparalleled realism to the gameplay, every decision you make will count


The cold open world of the North 

A model of a 3-story nuclear-powered vessel with a realistic division into sections 

Manage sailors in the crew, who, thanks to artificial intelligence, behave according to the level of satisfaction and good technical condition of the ship 

A realistic ship damage system adds the necessary realism to the gameplay 

A campaign consisting of 10 different main missions and 20 additional missions based on real scenarios 

Ability to upgrade your ship and equipment with money earned from successfully completed missions 

Control your mission from different levels of visibility: FPP, map 

We are waiting for you on the ship, Captain

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