Let the race for the title of the best car mechanic begin!

Pick up your tools and work your magic in order to bring old, rusty wrecks back to their former glory.

Hours of blood, sweat, customising, and repairs will allow you to create the ultimate beast of a vehicle, capable of facing the rest of the best in a series of gruelling races!



Buy and repair your favourite vehicles - from the petite Tiny to the luxurious Vette! Change the engine, add some nitro, reduce weight, and much more.

Add some personality to your ride! Woo the judges with a splash of colour, some cool decals or brand new rims and spoilers.

Play around with various settings that will influence your car's performance. Adjust gear ratios, change the size of the turbocharger, balance the brake strength and find the perfect balance for your driving style.

After everything's ready and you're ready to go, take your car for the final drive at the Mechanic Battle Tournament. Race against other drivers, take part in an elimination challenge or push your speed limits during hot laps - all for that sweet, sweet money and even better cars!

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